Business Law

At YGR Law Firm, we integrate our extensive personal and organizational network with our comprehensive legal expertise to provide businesses important representational and informational services. Our Business Law Practice is primarily focused around representing clients via power of attorney in various settings in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. The utilization of our legal expertise in everyday business matters is detailed in our Company Law Practice.

Our lawyers can act as representatives of the client in making and carrying out strategic decisions for greater growth of the client's business. This arrangement is ideal for clients who wish to grow into Bulgaria and the region but are not willing to establish a large ground presence during the developmental stages. Additionally, we are able to provide professional analysis and advice to companies that are only considering establishing a presence in the region.

Because of our intimate knowledge of the region, we can access opportunities and leverage influence to a greater extent than growing international businesses. Moreover, our firm's focus on serving international business enables us to be competitive with larger law firms that are less focused. Accordingly, our reasonably-priced services are the most cost-effective that international businesses wishing to grow in the region can buy.

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