Competition Law

At YGR Law Firm, we are dedicated to ensuring the just treatment of our clients as they invest and grow in the region. We offer the following services in that pursuit:
  • Advising on acts of unfair competition
  • Market investigations
  • Rules on anti-competitive agreements, cartels and abuse of dominance
  • Problems related to misuse of monopoly or dominant status on the market
  • State aid
  • Public procurement
  • Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Utilities and sector regulation
  • WTO and international trade
  • Market power abuse
  • Pricing practices and regulatory controls
  • Protection against agreements, decisions and mutually agreed practice aiming or resulting in prevention, restriction or infringement of competition
  • Representation before the Commission on Protection of Competition in cases -related to granting of permissions for market concentrations
  • Competition litigation

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