Foreign Investments

In addition to serving companies that are directly entering the Bulgarian and European  market, we also serve financial institutions and private investors who are looking to invest capital in the region.

At YGR Law Firm, however, we emphasize such foreign investment within the context of small and medium businesses that can utilize the capital for growth. Such companies are much less susceptible to the difficulties that plague larger projects. Furthermore, our lawyers provide due diligence regarding financial investment and are able to make accurate assessments regarding risk and potential liability.

We can also function as the representative of clients wishing to invest funds in Balkan region. Our extensive network in Bulgaria and the Balkans allows us to identify quality businesses in need of strategic capital investment to spur growth. Most importantly, our lawyers provide legal expertise in all areas relevant to foreign investment:

  • Financial structuring and money transfer
  • International law and regulatory compliance.
  • Company, Contract, and Tax Law
  • Internal controls and corporate governance.

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