International and EU Law

In joining the EU, Bulgaria agreed to abide by a certain set of laws and regulations; some are specific to the country and others universal within the EU. Included within these new laws are many requirements for national and international companies.

Our lawyers always stay abreast of developing legal change, and YGR Law Firm is paying particular attention to the EU specifications. We provide advice and solutions to each client regarding the changing legal framework, and are able to anticipate problem areas so that our clients can enact preventative measures. The primary goal of our lawyers, then, is to protect the interests of the client with a particular emphasis on saving the time and money involved in handling unforeseen change.

At YGR Law Firm, we are also knowledgeable of other international treaties and organizations that have enacted law by which Bulgaria and the region are obligated to comply. As these laws are applicable to our clients, we advise and provide legal services in the most professional and efficient manner.

Finally, there is an extensive body of law specifically regarding the operation of international individuals and companies in Bulgaria. As a part of our services to any international entity, we provide legal expertise regarding all relevant regulations.

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