Pro Bono

The average Bulgarian has very limited access to the national judicial system; he does not have the means to establish and enact an agenda in support of his official rights.

At YGR Law Firm, we believe that economic growth and increasing economic opportunity have the power to balance the policies and regulations of those in authority. Thus, it is important to note that, in our facilitation of international companies and organizations, we view our practice as a direct effort to challenge the old order in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

Moreover, we are committed to providing legal representation to those in our community; our lawyers consider representation of the impoverished and disenfranchised as an ethical obligation. To this end, we often work for local families and businesses for free or at deeply discounted rates.

We also collaborate with non-profit organizations that care for those with disabilities and those in extreme need; we are particularly interested in contributing our expertise to international aid organizations that would like to begin activities in our region.

Finally, service to others enriches the lives of our lawyers, especially when they are able to contribute to needs close to their own heart. Thus, our lawyers are often active in providing advice and representation to their families, neighbors, friends, and churches.

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