Real Estate

At YGR Law Firm, we view our real-estate practice as a creative interaction between the client and governmental institutions. Because law relating to real-estate is often established relative to local norms and varies greatly by location, our lawyers focus on meeting the client's goals by identifying and developing a persuasive coincidence with the goals of the relevant community.

As always, our lawyers are efficient, professional, and accessible in providing comprehensive legal services related to acquisition, construction, ownership, management, and disposition of real-estate.

Our lawyers are also proficient in handling the following issues:

  • Financial structuring on sale, purchase, or development.
  • Representing the client for strategic action via power-of-attorney.
  • Obtaining permits, judicial approvals, and regulatory exceptions.
  • Licensing, leasing, and litigation on disputes.
  • Planning and due diligence in all relevant transactions.
  • Identification, designation, zoning, and disposition of relevant property.

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