Banking Law

At YGR Law Firm, we understand the ultimate goals of client banks:

  1. Creation and implementation of new products and services to meet the customer's ever-changing needs.
  2. Increased market share through comparative and competitive advantage.
  3. Growth in the Bulgarian and Balkan financial institutions market.

Accordingly, we do not think merely of the notion of investing when serving banks; instead, we understand banks holistically in their many activities as value-generating financial institutions. From day-to-day administration and retaining individual customers to long-term strategic planning and regulatory compliance, we are able to provide expertise grounded in theory and tested by practice.

We offer services ranging widely in scope:

  • Commercial paper facilities
  • Restructurings, workouts and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Purchases and sales of participation interests in loans
  • Bank holding companies
  • Bank regulatory matters
  • Bankruptcy and creditors' rights matters
  • Commercial litigation
  • Commercial and real estate loan transactions
  • Consumer lending advice
  • Corporate finance
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Loan workouts
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Sales of assets and companies
  • Licensing of commercial banks by Bulgarian National Bank
  • Incorporation documents, statutes, internal organizational documents and rules on operation of structural units of commercial banks
  • Implementation of new bank products
  • Drafting of standard bank agreements
  • Representation to the Bulgarian National Bank
  • Banking Contracts
  • Bank Insolvency
  • Banking Litigation
  • Bank Registrations
  • Banking Regulation
  • Banking Securities
  • Bills of Exchange
  • Commercial Loans

Additionally, our lawyers have a specific and unique knowledge of banking law in Bulgaria and the Balkans, including experience in the changing regulation of post-Soviet judicial systems. Furthermore, our extensive contacts within the Bulgarian judicial system and government financial institutions allow for the possibility of cooperation and coordination in meeting the goals of our clients.

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